Our Pastor


Pastor Juan has been our lead pastor of Beautiful Savior since Reformation Sunday, October 31st in 2015. He married Eva in 1979 and together they have three wonderful adult children and three precious grandchildren they are proud of. 

His whole life is dedicated to serving the Lord Jesus Christ. As a servant leader, he is committed to equipping individuals and communities empower themselves, creating opportunities through holistic approaches that result in positive transformation and a better quality of life.

He is about sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ and expanding the kingdom of God. He is about Paradigm Shifts. Attitude Adjustments. Influence. Community Building. Fostering cooperative goals. Seeking innovative solutions. Building trusting relationships. Enjoying and sharing the graces of God. 

Pastor Juan enjoys traveling and traveled extensively to over 125 U.S. cities in 44 states. Traveled internationally to over 38 countries. He also enjoys worship, laughing, celebrating, playing chess, reading, writing poetry, listening to jazz and gospel music, swimming, cooking international gourmet dishes, having clever conversations, photography, the visual and performing arts, watching "Big Screen" movies, and living life to the fullest.


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Note From The Pastor